SETflow™ 100 Smart Valve

  • Wireless remote control using the Verizon wireless mobile network (covers 95% of all US locations)

  • Wireless remote control using any Bluetooth 4.0 capable smartphone (includes all iPod/iPhone versions after 4S)

  • Wireless remote control using Itron AMR and AMI 100W+ systems.

  • 10 Year Service Life and is fully water resistant (IP68)

SETflow™ Valve Control Mobile App

A visual of the Setflow Handheld Controller.

Another visual of the Setflow Handheld Controller.

A visual of the Setflow Handheld Controller.

  • Position the valve Open, Closed and Half Closed.

  • Mobile App provides for collection of pictures, filed notes, geolocation, and multi-valve state viewing and control (view and control all valves within range of your device)

  • Unbreakable security system provides for full encryption across all commands and data.

SETflow™ Enterprise Cloud


The Enterprise Cloud software platform, accessible from any web browser, allows you to monitor and control* your SETFlow Smart Valves installed in the field. The Enterprise Cloud monitors geo-location, valve position, tampering, RSSI, and battery levels alerting you when any valve issues occur.

* The Enterprise Control function requires use of the SETFlow 100C Cellular Smart Valve or any compatible 3rd party AMI system.